Best Applications for ABS Sheets

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When you create products that offer little room for failure, ABS sheets are a good investment. Also known as engineering plastic, ABS sheets offer durability that supports quality at a lower cost than you would expect. If you are considering this material for your own production run, here are the industries and applications where ABS sheets in Orem, UT can serve customers well:

  • Heavy equipment: There is always a desire to help machinery run better and more efficiently. This often involves upgrading parts. When there are new ideas for machinery components, it is best to test the design first. This requires the manufacturing of a durable prototype that provides the best representation of how the part will perform if produced. The low cost works well with the temporary nature of prototypes and the surface is easy to paint, which makes it easy to distinguish prototypes with subtle differences. Stocking up on ABS sheets is a good idea when you are about to enter a test phase with equipment parts. You can fabricate and test multiple prototypes to find the one that works bets.
  • Pipe fittings: Plumbing needs to be reliable, or disaster can strike. You want pipe fittings to fit well and leak rarely, if at all. ABS sheets create fittings that are lightweight and easy to install. They are also resistant to mold, corrosion and leaking—which is good if the pipe fittings you make will handle sewage. You will find ABS sheets more durable than PVC, and they are less likely to burst under freezing conditions.
  • Vacuums: When building vacuums and vacuum parts, the airtight nature of ABS sheets proves vital. They offer rigidity and are easily produced in custom colors beyond the usual black and white. Since vacuums often endure hostile conditions, the blemish-resistant surface offers additional appeal. Your vacuums are also lighter since the material adds less weight to your devices.
  • 3D building: The 3D printer offers a new avenue to cost-effective building material. If you are lucky enough to take advantage of this technology, you will desire a good supply of ABS sheets. They are one of the better materials for 3D printing because of their low melting point. This assists with the ease of printing and makes storage easy, especially in the summer. You will also build strong items that are less likely to break during use or handling.
  • Automotive applications: The industries that build cars and their parts look for lightweight materials that can stand up to the harsh conditions often experienced by cars. This approach also supports the goal of fuel efficiency—an attribute that is also frequently desired by consumers. ABS sheets are a favorite for dashboards, wheel covers and auto body parts because they offer temperature resistance, strength and scratch-resistant surfaces. The result is lighter, more efficient cars that are impervious to blemishes.

If you wish to purchase materials in our next production run of ABS sheets in Orem, UT, call D&D Plastics. We look forward to being part of your project!

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