Five Everyday Items a Plastic Fabrication Company Can Make

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As consumers of all sorts of products, pondering over the manufacturing process of the things we use on a daily basis is not something at the forefront of our thoughts. But every once in awhile we look at an object—like a plastic soda bottle or anything that was obviously molded to its shape—and want to know how it came to be. While the methods used in plastic fabrication are important to businesses that offer mass produced goods, it’s the types of products produced that most of us find fascinating—and often surprising. Take a look at the things around you right now. How many are made of plastic?

Here are five everyday items made through injection molding at a professional plastic fabrication company in Orem, UT:

  • Lids and caps: Ever wonder how the plastic lids on prescription medicine containers or the caps on bottles stay on? Well, they are carefully molded to the perfect shape, and then they are checked to make sure they marry to the container they’re supposed to seal. Even the bottles are fabricated. For safety and freshness, companies want to ensure that your bottle caps and lids are secure and hold tight. This will happen with the right plastic fabrication method.
  • DVDs: Here’s one item you likely won’t think of as going through plastic fabrication steps: discs. From DVDs to music CDs (yes, they’re still around), these discs are made from injection molding, and so are other DVD and CD elements, including the plastic cases they come in and the plastic organizational rack you store them on. Even parts of your television might come from a plastic fabrication company in Orem, UT.
  • Automotive parts: Because automobile parts must match the auto manufacturer’s specific specifications, plastic injection molding is often utilized. Another reason why customized auto parts are so important is because each make will typically need individual sizes and shapes of components for each different vehicle model. For example, interior car parts that are molded include everything from the window controls, cup holders and smallest radio buttons to the entire dashboard surface. Most modern bumpers made of hard plastic are also born through injection molding.
  • Electrical switches: All throughout your home, it’s guaranteed you’ll find all sorts of electrical switches made from plastic injection molding. You use a switch to turn your lights on and off. Switches are needed to operate your coffee maker. Your breaker box’s individual switches are plastic. Isn’t it amazing how one little piece of plastic can have so much power?
  • Medical products: The healthcare industry relies on molded plastic for everything from syringes to some of the tools use in medical procedures. Such items are available in bulk, making them easily replaceable should they malfunction or become compromised in any way.

Whether you have a one-time project that requires customized parts or your business needs to fill a huge product order, let the creative and reliable team at D&D Plastics give you a hand. We are your go-to plastic fabrication company in Orem, UT for all your production needs!

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