Six Advantages of Polycarbonate Sheets for Greenhouses

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In the past, backyard and agricultural greenhouses were considered to be of high quality only if they were made of glass. Use the right type of glass and the structure could last a long time, right? Plastic, on the other hand, was less highly thought of. Hard plastic sheets, flexible plastic coverings and even plastic components seemed to have had been tossed into the junk category. But, in recent years, using polycarbonate sheets has become increasingly popular, and for good reasons. Polycarbonate has gotten so popular among both agricultural farmers and home gardeners that it may soon overtake glass as the reigning greenhouse material.

Here are six advantages of using polycarbonate sheets in Orem, UT for greenhouses:

  • Better insulation: Greenhouses are used for growing plants, and therefore, heat is an important consideration. Polycarbonate sheets do a fantastic job of retaining the right amount of heat inside a greenhouse to keep plants healthy and fertile. This material is available with single and double walls; the latter will insulate more, but assess and decide on you heat requirements before construction.
  • Shatter resistant: Even the strongest, thickest glass will eventually break under too much stress, which is why you should go with polycarbonate for your greenhouses. Polycarbonate can withstand all sorts of impacts—like rocks, hail, baseballs and children playing rough around it. And don’t forget that you too can cause accidental damage.
  • UV protection and light diffusion: Growing plants inside an outdoor structure requires good light diffusion, because without it the inside temperature will be overwhelming and your plants can get burned. Good thing polycarbonate sheets will give your greenhouse the right amount of light energy, but make sure all the walls are PC protected. Another great thing is that this material offers excellent UV protection, as it can effectively filter out harmful ultraviolet radiation to keep your plants safe.
  • Flexibility: Another benefit of polycarbonate is flexibility—and not just metaphorical flexibility in colors and usage, but quite literally, too. Greenhouses can be built and manipulated into various shapes and sizes; choose a design that will be able to fit where you want it to go in your garden. Also, since polycarbonate sheets in Orem, UT are flexible and lightweight, they are easier to replace than glass.
  • Installs quickly: Looking to save money on labor costs? Because polycarbonate sheets are relatively simple to install in a short amount of time—as little as a day—you can do it yourself pretty quickly. Plus, you don’t have to be especially gentle with this material like you would with glass.
  • Long lasting: Polycarbonate sheet greenhouse walls will last a long time. It’s stronger than glass and can stand up to a lot more abuse without falling apart. If it does get damaged, repairs are usually quite simple.

Whether you are planning to build a greenhouse or another kind of outdoor structure, make sure to talk with the professionals at D&D Plastics first. Our knowledgeable team can point you in the right direction, be it toward polycarbonate sheets in Orem, UT for your greenhouses or another plastic material best suited for your project. Contact us today!

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