The Benefits of Made-to-Order Plastic and Polycarbonate Sheets in Utah

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If you sell a product made of plastic, you likely have to choose between purchasing generic plastic sheets, which only come in certain sizes and then must be cut to the correct size for your needs, and plastic sheets that are made to order, requiring no additional cutting on your part to use them.

Many people think, naturally, that any custom work means a sharp increase in cost, but when you work with an experienced plastics company, that is not necessarily the case. In fact, plastic sheets made to order can be a superior option to purchasing generic plastic sheets. Here are a few reasons why.

Easier to scale your business

Buying made-to-order polycarbonate sheets in Utah makes it easier to scale up and down your production by removing one needlessly time-consuming and tedious step from your production process. When your business really takes off, you don’t want to have to suddenly increase your own cutting output. You’re in business to make your product, not to cut plastic. Finding a plastic sheet company that can save you from having to add plastic cutting to the core competencies of your business can make it much easier to scale up when your business grows.

Less waste

We’ve perfected our made-to-order process to create the least amount of waste possible. When you’re cutting your own plastic sheets rather than buying them at the correct custom dimensions, you’re wasting plastic with each product you create.

Save money

Made-to-order polycarbonate sheets can save you money over generic one-size-fits-all options in several ways. First, because the cutting is happening elsewhere, you’re not responsible for any defects or lost materials. As you know, any step you add to your production process increases the likelihood of introducing defects into your product. The decreased number of plastic defects can save you money when you work at a large scale. Also, when you’re purchasing in bulk, the cost of made-to-order polycarbonate sheets in Utah compares quite nicely to the price of generic sheets. Additionally, every step you remove from the production process saves you time, which means you can produce more product in the same amount of time. All of this saves you money and increases your profits.

Uniform quality

Purchasing made-to-order polycarbonate sheets guarantees your product will achieve a more uniform quality than if you cut the sheets yourself. The plastic fabrication company you use will stand behind their product just as much as you stand behind yours, and their expertise in plastic production means that you’re guaranteed a uniformly excellent polycarbonate sheet, cut to your exact parameters every single time. You never have to worry about losing time or money because of a glitch in your cutting process or problems with your material.

Purchase polycarbonate sheets in Utah

If you’re interested in made-to-order polycarbonate sheets, give D&D Plastics a call today. We can produce your sheets at any level, from 100 pieces to 10,000 pieces at a time and beyond. We work with you to provide your plastic sheets on a timeline that fits with your own production deadlines. And as we also offer design and production services, we have a deep understanding of the production process of plastic products, which means we rarely run into costly miscommunication problems. We really just “get it,” and our customers like that about us.

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