What Are the Benefits of Acrylic/Perspex Compared to Glass?

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If you’re trying to decide whether to install acrylic or glass sheets in your Utah structures, buildings and more, you might wonder whether there are any specific benefits to each material. Acrylic and plastic sheets can be an excellent substitute for traditional glass. Acrylic is used the world over for everything from windows to displays. (You might be familiar with it under the name “Perspex,” which is a specific brand name.)

Here is an overview of its benefits:

  • Durable: Acrylic is much more durable than glass, even thicker panes. In fact, glass is comparatively fragile and can be quite dangerous if it breaks. In contrast, acrylic offers many of the same benefits that glass does, but it will last at least 20 years—even in the most extreme weather conditions. This makes it ideal for outdoor projects where glass might fail.
  • Impact resistant: When it comes to safety and impact resistance, acrylic is superior. It’s over 20 times more impact resistant than glass, which is why it’s used in projects where security and impact are concerns. Unlike glass, acrylic doesn’t shatter into shards when it breaks. It tends to flex first, and if it does break, the pieces are usually large and blunt.
  • Better insulation: When energy efficiency and insulation are a concern, acrylic is the better choice. It’s 20 percent more effective than glass in reducing heat transfer. Heat flows from warmer to cooler areas until the temperature levels out. That’s why insulation in your home is the key to keeping your energy bills low—the same concept applies to using acrylic instead of glass. It’s better at preventing heat transfer, so temperatures won’t fluctuate as much in extreme weather.
  • Transparency: Modern acrylic sheets are just as transparent as optical glass—in fact, they let more light through while still filtering out harmful UV rays. Even thicker sheets of acrylic are crystal clear. In contrast, glass tends to look milky or cloudy the thicker it gets. That means less light can get through, and the transparency is affected.
  • Lighter weight: Finally, acrylic is much more lightweight than glass. It weighs less than half when compared to glass of a similar size and thickness. That makes acrylic sheets ideal for DIY projects, or anything where weight is a concern. The bigger your windows, the better an option acrylic can be.

As you can see, there are definite benefits to using acrylic in place of glass. It’s safer, more durable and lighter weight, while still providing the transparency you need. Depending on your specific project, you may find that acrylic stands up better to the elements, weather and wear and tear.

If you’re still not sure whether you should pick acrylic or glass sheets in Utah, reach out to the team at D&D Plastics. We can help you determine whether acrylic is a suitable choice for your needs, and are able to offer custom plastic design for a wide variety of projects. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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