The Importance of Engineering for Plastic Injection Molding

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Most people take their plastic items for granted and don’t give much thought to how they’re engineered and manufactured. As a plastic design company, we obviously see plastics from a different perspective, but we think that everyone should see the beauty that goes into the plastic injection molding process.

Keep reading to learn more about the engineering behind plastic injection molding:

  • Part design and prototyping: Design engineers help determine a plastic part’s shape; areas where strength or flexibility might be an issue; how it fits with other parts and much more. They also modify a design as needed to ensure it’s actually moldable before creating a prototype for the design.
  • Choosing a plastic resin: The resin affects everything from the product’s appearance and flexibility to the production speed and overall costs. Engineers go through an in-depth process to choose the perfect plastic resin for the plastic product.
  • Designing molds: Each plastic part requires a different mold and possibly a different injection molding technique to fabricate the part. The more molds you make and the more complicated the designs, the more expensive the process. Engineers at a plastic design company work with you to simplify your design to make it as cost-efficient as possible.

What happens if you skip design engineering?

A plastic design company that fails to emphasize the plastic injection molding engineering process hurts themselves and their customers. Here are a few things that can go wrong:

  • Poorly-performing products: Inadequately-designed molds and using the wrong resins for plastics products lead to disaster time and time again. A design engineer is the only one who can guarantee great plastics.
  • Slow production times: In addition to poorly-performing products, failing to utilize a design engineer can drastically slow down the production time as a result of extra molding or finishing steps.
  • Higher production costs: It tends to cost more to make plastics when the process takes longer and more molds are used. A design engineer is the person you need to help keep costs low.

What should you look for in a plastic design company?

Besides a company that understands the importance of the plastic injection molding engineering process, these are a few of the things to look for in a plastics partner:

  • Experience: The first things to consider are how long the company has been in business and how many years of experience each team member has. As with many things, more experience in plastics leads to better results.
  • Wide range of services: Look for a company that offers a wide range of services to meet all of your plastics needs. Your life gets a whole lot easier when you have a plastics partner who can do it all.
  • Affordable pricing: There’s no reason to spend an arm and a leg for plastics production. Get quotes from a few different companies, and always go with the one that offers the lowest rates for the best products.

For a plastic design company that checks all of the boxes above, turn to our team at D&D Plastics. Contact us today to get a free quote for your next plastic injection molding project.

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