Is Every Sneeze Guard the Same?

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Sneeze guards were not given much attention prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ramifications the virus had on the entire planet. People are now more aware of the need for things like sneeze guards than they were before, but there is still a learning curve when it comes to this topic. 

What Are Sneeze Guards?

Sneeze guards are a simple piece of protective equipment that businesses put up to reduce the transfer of droplets of body fluids transferring from one person to another. As nasty as that might sound to some people, that is precisely what is so important about sneeze guards in the first place. They are meant to keep the most dangerous particles away from other people in your area. The benefit is very obvious when you think about how viruses spread and how sneeze guards can prevent having employees out sick because of the spread of disease. Instead, it is best to put up sneeze guards and other materials that can keep people safe and protected from the worst that is out there. 

How Do Different Businesses Use Sneeze Guards?

Not all sneeze guards are set up in the same way or with the same intentions. Many businesses set them up in areas where they know that their employees will have to engage with the public, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here at D&D Plastics, we have seen many clients set up sneeze guards in areas where employees interact with one another. The purpose of this is to keep employees from spreading disease amongst each other. That is just as dangerous as a customer giving something to an employee. You don’t want anyone to fall ill due to being in contact with someone else who happened to have some disease at that time. The best thing to do is check out the sneeze guard products that can keep everyone safe. 

Some companies have used them to: 

  • Set up plexiglass barriers between employees and customers
  • Separate areas in shared spaces (such as breakrooms)
  • Make it easier to keep areas where employees gather to eat safe 

There is something to be said about the safer workplaces that we now have due to sneeze guards. People simply did not realize how much potential danger they were in before. Now, that has all changed, and people are ready to embrace the new reality that they will see a lot of sneeze guards in and around their workplace. It is important to have people get comfortable with this concept because it is likely to stick around. They keep workplaces safer, and there is no higher purpose than that when looking at ways to make the work experience better for everyone. 


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