What Are the Different Methods of Plastic Fabrication?

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Plastics are an incredibly common and important part of the average person’s life, yet it seems like we know so little about them. Why is it that we accept that plastics are a part of everything around us without questioning more about how they come into being? We should want to know about plastic fabrication and plastic design and if it serves as important of a role as it clearly does in our day-to-day lives. Fortunately, we have some answers for you about that. 

Types of Plastic Manufacturing Processes

To better understand what happens in the manufacturing process, you need some idea about what different types of manufacturing processes exist with plastics. 


Extrusion is the process of pushing the plastics through a die. The shape that comes depends on what one is attempting to produce. A lot of intent goes into what one produces when they take plastics through the extrusion process, but it is mostly all about getting the final shapes that one needs from their plastics to ensure that they all come out as intended. The plastics must be heated up to very high temperatures when they go through this process, but they also must be cooled down when it is all said and done. The cooling process allows them to take the form they are supposed to take to be shipped out as a finished product. 

3-D Printing

This is one of the newer ways that manufacturers work with plastics to get the results they want. 3-D printing is all the rage because so many people now see it as their opportunity to create almost anything they want from plastics. 

Here at D&D Plastics, we see 3-D printing as something that has a very bright future ahead of it. We understand that people will want to work with 3-D printing to produce the kind of materials they need for the future, and we are all about helping them clearly visualize those dreams. 

The process involves: 

  • Setting up the printer to ensure it will produce the final results that you are looking for
  • Printing the actual materials that you need from it
  • Removing excess materials from the printer once it is done printing so you may use it again going forward

There is a lot of excitement and attention going into 3-D printing at this time, and it is a great field to be involved with as a result. 

Polymer Casting

Sometimes, people want to take plastics and make something different out of them. They need those plastics to take the shape of a mold or something else that they are working on, and that is why they are interested in using polymer casting to try to get the exact design and shape that they need. If they are successful, it is possible to get their plastics shaped into precisely the forms they desire. 


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