Why Your Business Needs to Use Sneeze Guards?

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It is extremely important to take various precautions to ensure the security of your business as well as the health of your staff and your customers. While you may be familiar with things such as face shields, you may not have heard much about sneeze guards. Sneeze guards are a product that many businesses are using to help slow down the spread of COVID-19. There are different sizes and styles of sneeze guards as well. However, you should first know what companies use them and how they are using them.

Sneeze Guards Defined

A sneeze guard is an acrylic barrier or plexiglass that is used by many businesses to help slow down the spread of viruses. You may have noticed sneeze guards in various restaurants. They were originally designed to prevent pathogens from spreading to food when a person sneezes. All self-service restaurants are required by law to have them.

Since the pandemic is still ongoing, many companies are in need of some extra help. This is where sneeze guards come in. Not only do they prevent food from being contaminated, but they can also help keep your employees protected. They can be easily placed at checkout counters, check-in desks, and even reservation stands to help minimize exposure, thus allowing your business to do business properly.

Benefits of Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards are portable, durable and offer maximum visibility. Everyone should be familiar with how important sanitization is. Sneeze guards are easy to sanitize so they can be reused as often as you’d like. Acrylic sheets for sneeze guards are also available.

Businesses should consider using sneeze guards to slow down the spread of COVID-19 since the CDC is still recommending that people practice social distancing. However, this may not always be doable in business environments. Since employees need to interact with customers on a daily basis, employees should have more protection than just a mask and gloves. Sneeze guards enable customers and employees to communicate with each other safely.

Without a sneeze guard, your employees can become more at risk of catching contagious pathogens in the air. These viruses can easily spread through sneezes and coughs when interacting with customers. Sneezes can travel up to 100 mph and can create 100,000 droplets in one sneeze. Employees can now obtain additional protection from these droplets by using sneeze guards.

How to Use Sneeze Guards

The way in which your company uses sneeze guards depends on various factors. They can be used in different ways, such as at checkout counters. This can allow customers to pay for their goods and for employees to communicate with customers safely. Sneeze guards that are kept by registers can have an opening so that the cashier can accept the payment from the customer easily.

Another common place to keep sneeze guards is in customer service areas. This can help employees interact with customers with little exposure.

They can also be used in other ways as well, but the goal is to use them in a way that they create limited exposure to droplets that come from sneezes and coughs.

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