How To Remove Fogging From Vacuum Formed Products

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How To Remove Fogging From Vacuum-Formed Products

Fogging can occur in a wide variety of devices/equipment made from transparent plastics and glass. Fortunately, effective solutions from D&D Plastics exist to keep fog formation under control. This will improve the performance of your vacuum formed products, enhancing customer satisfaction and sales.

How Does Fogging Occur?

Fogging on the surface of clear plastic packaging can reduce the visual appeal and the product’s freshness if left unattended. It is primarily due to the condensation of water vapor on the surface of the material. The condensation of water vapor on the surface of a clear plastic material occurs as a result of variations in ambient humidity and air temperature. This causes the internal surface of the material to “sweat.”

Anti-Fogging Additives

Adding anti-fogging additives to your plastic vacuum forming can greatly help to prevent this type of problem. The additives lower the surface tension of the material on the inside so that condensed moisture spreads as a thin film across the surface. Anti-fogging additives are also effective at preventing ice build up on a plastic product’s outer surface. Moreover, they can help to preserve the product’s freshness and extend its shelf life.

Anti-Fogging Products

Anti-fogging products are available in a spray or wipe form and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including glass, mirrors, and lenses. They are especially effective for applications that do not have built-in anti-fog coatings, such as prescription glasses, safety glasses and goggles, and safety shields. They are also effective for refrigerator and freezer doors, bathroom mirrors, and windows. They can be purchased at a variety of different prices and are easily applied to the materials you need them on. This can make them a great investment for your company’s equipment, so contact us today to learn more!

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