Pastry Cases in Orem, UT

If you run a bakery or other eating establishment that serves baked goods, having good acrylic pastry cases in Orem, UT can make all the difference when it comes to sales success. When customers can see the products you’re selling, they’re more apt to buy. And, if your whole selection is on display behind a clear, sanitary pastry case, you’re going to get more eager buyers for the baked goods you have to offer.

D&D Plastics is your undisputed authority for acrylic pastry display cases in Utah. Not only do we produce displays that meet your specifications and are of a high-quality construction, we take pride in working with you to develop and fabricate a case that’s perfect for your specific application.

Why Acrylic?

There are many reasons to choose acrylic for your pastry displays. Not only is acrylic easy to clean and sanitize, it’s also lightweight and, of course, clear! Some of the other benefits acrylic has over other display options include:

  • Acrylic isn’t as heavy as glass, making your cases less cumbersome overall
  • Acrylic cases can be easily design for a wide range of applications at a low cost
  • Unlike glass, which can have a green edge, acrylic is seamless and timeless
  • Acrylic won’t create a glare like glass will, enabling customers to see your products

The benefits go on and on in favor of acrylic. It’s more versatile and cost effective than glass, without compromising on any of the benefits of a transparent display.

Our Capabilities

D&D Plastics can fabricate pastry cases in Orem, Lindon, American Fork, and Pleasant Grove, UT to meet the exact, unique specifications of our customers. From front-load displays to back-load options, tiered displays to elongated models—we’re prepared to consider your exactly specifications as we create the optimal display case for your baked goods.

Whether you’ve got gourmet donuts on display or are making your appeal with fresh-baked pies and cakes, having the perfect acrylic pastry case to display your treat in will make all the difference when it comes to sales. Contact the experts at D&D Plastics today to start planning the specs for your next plastic product fabrication or thermoforming project. Contact us at 801-373-0202.