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An Overview of the Different Types of Plastic Fabrication Services We Offer

February 9, 2021 12:19 am Published by Leave your thoughts

When it comes to working with plastic products like acrylic, polycarbonate and ABS, it can be hard to find a full-service company that meets all of your needs. Fortunately for our customers at D&D Plastics, we’re one of the few companies that provides a wide range of plastic fabrication services in Utah. This post will cover a few of our top services and teach you more about each one. Injection molding If your business needs to create hundreds or even thousands of plastic objects, injection molding is the go-to process. As the name suggests, injection molding involves creating a mold and injecting plastic to create a figurine or object. Other types of molding we perform include rotation molding and blow... View Article

Avoid Common Plastic Fabrication Issues with These Five Ideas

December 13, 2019 1:03 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Plastic is a temperamental material, and it takes experience to fabricate it correctly. As your plastic fabrication specialists in Utah, D&D Plastics knows the techniques that will create your end product without the common pitfalls. If you do not hone particular skills, your efforts at plastic fabrication are likely to generate frustration more than products. Here are five ideas on avoiding plastic fabrication issues: Check the heat tolerance: Heat is necessary for machining, but too much of it can lead to failure. Machining any material, including plastic, produces friction and, in turn, produces excessive heat. This may make your plastic malleable, but also impossible to work with when it is time to mold it into an actual product. To avoid... View Article

Four Steps to Making Your First Prototype

May 14, 2019 3:18 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

You have an exceptional idea for a new product that you’re certain will make a huge profit for your company. The only problem is getting everyone else as excited about this new idea as you are. While the steps from conception to bringing a new product to market may seem out of reach, you just need to take this journey one step at a time. What’s your first step? Making a prototype. At D&D Plastics, a local development company that specializes in plastic fabrication in Utah, we pride ourselves on being able to turn your vision into a reality. If you’re ready to make your idea into a prototype, here are the first steps you should take. Sketch it out... View Article

Tips for Selecting the Best Plastic Type for Your Project

November 29, 2018 7:13 am Published by Leave your thoughts

What project is next on your list? Do you have an innovative product in mind? Are you revamping or enhancing an old project? Do you need to decide which type of plastic will be best for your plastic fabrication in Utah? Since there are thousands of plastic options on the market today, the process of choosing one can feel overwhelming. Use the following guide to narrow your search: For transparent parts: Does your part require a window or clear lenses? If so, acrylic is your best option. This type of plastic is used for creating Plexiglass products and other shatterproof products. It offers rigidity as well as resistance to scratches. It is also an economical option for large quantities. However,... View Article

Tips for Selecting the Right Plastic for Your Project

August 28, 2018 9:16 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When it comes to choosing the type of plastic that will best suit the needs of your project, as you may have already discovered, there is more than one option. In fact, there are thousands of plastic materials available for plastic product manufacturing. They all have their pros and cons depending on the specific application of your plastic part or project. The good news is that most types of engineering plastics are graced with advanced manufacturing properties that offer higher levels of durability and protection during the manufacturing process. Don’t worry if your head is spinning right now—you’re not alone! If you’re new to plastic fabrication in Utah, read on for tips for selecting the right plastic for your project.... View Article