Plastic Product Fabrication in Orem, UT

Plastic Product FabricationLooking to have plastic prototyped and customized depending on your specific needs and applications for plastic product fabrication in Orem, UT? Get in touch with us today to get the ball rolling on custom plastic product fabrication in Utah! We have the capabilities to meet the demands of your project to the fullest.

Our team works with you to determine the full scope of fabrication needs you might have, then brings them to life in a way that’s a full realization of your design plans. Our abilities include cutting, drilling, sanding, routing, heating, bending, molding, gluing or welding that plastic into whatever shape, or design you need. We work with acrylic sheets in Utah to ensure productive results that meet the spec standards of the final application of your plastic product fabrication.

In addition to manipulation of acrylic plastic sheets in Utah, we also have the capacity to provide you with peripheral fabrication services that are inclusive of function. We can add electrical or mechanical parts if needed, to ensure both form and function are collaborative of design.

Production runs

When it comes to custom fabrication, capacity is no object for D&D Plastics. From single, one-off prototyping and custom work for one project you need, to mass production and large runs, we do it all. We’re ready to partner with you to deliver fabrication capabilities on any level of demand.

Why choose us?

Making the choice to partner with D&D Plastics means making a choice for quality, affordability, customer service and excellence. Some of the value-add services we provide our customers with include:

  • Mass production at any level, from 100 to 10,000 pieces and beyond.
  • Part and component delivery post-production.
  • Deadline-oriented production and expedited turnaround times.
  • Design experience on staff, to bring your ideas to fruition.

For the very best in plastic product fabrication and customization services in Orem, Lindon, American Fork, or Pleasant Grove, UT, choose D&D Plastics. Get in touch with us today by calling 801-373-0202.

Buy Plastic Sheets

Need raw plastic sheets? Get them here. We’re good with plastic, but you might already know what you are doing. We’ll get you the right plastic for the job. Whether you are a hobbyist with a home project or a company with a mission, get your plastic here.

Acrylic Sheets
Multiple Uses
Easy to Cut
Good for Containers, Covers, Signs, Skylights, and Tanks
Available Colors: White, Black, and Clear
Very Sturdy
Good Chemical and Impact Resistance
Scratch Resistant
Good for Equipment Housings, Sturdy Containers/Covers, Brackets, Structural Materials
ABS Sheets
Low Cost
Excellent Impact Strength
Good Aesthetic Properties
Chemically Resistant
Colors: Black

Even though we use the word plastic to apply to many different materials, there are very specific differences between these materials. Instead of going to the hardware store and guessing which one will work best for you, give our plastic design company a call at 801-373-0202 or contact us to determine which one is going to work, be it acrylic sheets or ABS sheets. We also offer plastic thermoforming!