Custom Plastic Display Cases in Orem, UT

The best way to show off awards, plaques, memorabilia and trophies is through a custom plastic display case in Orem, UT. A good display case will keep them safe, show them off and ensure everything stays organized. Unfortunately, finding a proper display case can take some work. So why not just create the ideal case instead?

D&D Plastics is ready to help you fabricate plastic display cases in Orem, Lindon, American Fork, or Pleasant Grove, UT to meet the needs of whatever you’re trying to show off. From a small case that holds a single autographed baseball, to a massive one that holds years and years of trophies and awards, we’re ready to tackle the project. We build more than just basic plastic cubes, too—our designs are tailored to your needs and can be as elaborate or simple as you need them to be.

Types of Displays We Make

From pastry cases to trophy cases, our custom plastic displays in Utah can be designed to meet the unique needs of a full range of display items, including:

  • Memorabilia: It’s important to keep mementos safe and untarnished. Nothing does this better than a plastic display case! Plastic cases keep memorabilia front and center for everyone to see, yet clean and safe thanks to its airtight nature.
  • Trophies: Trophy cases—like those for schools—are the perfect way to show off a legacy of success. We design and fabricate plastic display cases of all sizes that are great for high-traffic areas and frequent cleaning.
  • Antiques: Got an antique that needs a stable environment? A plastic display case is the right solution. Plastic offers safety, security and accommodation in ways glass can’t.
  • Valuables: For things like fundraiser boxes or raffle drawings where a secure, yet visible solution is needed, plastic display cases come through as a great solution.

We work with private and commercial customers alike to help you determine the ideal display for your needs. Our team will help you design to scale and produce a display that’s exceeding of your highest expectations.

Total Customization Capabilities

From domed tops to access doors, slots to compartments and beyond, our display cases can be fully customized to meet your current and future display demands. Our mission is to create a display case that you’ll use for years and years to come.

For more information about our plastic display case capabilities or to start consulting with one of our experienced plastic product fabrication professionals, contact us today by calling 801-373-0202. We’re ready to understand the full scope of your needs and get to work on a design that puts your special items front and center, for all to see.