Why You Need Acrylic Plastic Sheets

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D&D Plastics has regular production runs for acrylic plastic sheets in Orem, UT. This material is useful is several applications, which makes the demand for it very high. In addition to providing molded plastic, we will also sell the raw material for manufacturing ventures. Here is why you should consider acrylic plastic sheets for your business:

  • Flexibility: Acrylic works well for everything from food containers to septic tanks. It is easy to cut and manipulate, which allows you to put it to its best use. There are few industries that do not benefit from acrylic, because it works well for a variety of consumer and commercial purposes.
  • Weather resistance: Acrylic is popular for signs, windows and skylights because it offers UV and weather resistance without high costs. If you live in a harsh climate, you can trust acrylic signs to remain vibrant no matter what nature throws at them. Since it offers excellent light transmission, it is a favorite for skylights, shop windows and greenhouses. You will let in the sun, but fortunately not much else from the outdoors!
  • Stands up to heavy demands: Known for durability, customers are often surprised to learn that acrylic is a popular material for military vehicle windows. It also works well for construction, agricultural and mining equipment as well as homes with small children, because there is less likelihood of the dangers of shattered glass. There is no doubt that it stands up to the pressure of heavy demands, and there are plenty of industries that prove that every day. A choice to use acrylic is often a safe choice that reduces injury and produces strong products.
  • Works with security glazing: Another reason acrylic is a good option for windows is the way it holds a security glaze. Not all activities behind windows need to be seen, and that sensitivity is important in many places. Embassies, banks, federal offices and prisons all use acrylic not only for its inability to shatter, but also for its ability to provide confidentiality. If you need security windows or you manufacture them, acrylic is an excellent choice. Your customers will appreciate the safety and anonymity.
  • Light weight: Acrylic frequently replaces glass in many applications because of its light weight. It is possible to haul a large amount of it to a construction site, and it is easy to handle because it is not heavy and unwieldy like glass. Windows, skylights and greenhouse panels install quicker because acrylic is less awkward and will not break if dropped. If used on vehicles, the lighter weight also promotes efficiency.
  • Lower cost: The demand for acrylic also decreases the cost. ABS is the lowest cost material, but since it is only available in black, it does not offer the same light managing properties as acrylic. If you make the choice to build a greenhouse or skylight with acrylic, you will benefit from good quality and affordability.

Call D&D Plastics today to order acrylic plastic sheets in Orem, UT or any other material for your business.

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