Using Acrylic Plastic Sheets During Home Improvement Projects

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Acrylic plastic sheets are available in a variety of sizes and colors. You can even find them at craft stores for smaller projects. But if you have been limited to the craft-size acrylic sheeting, you’ve likely never considered it for larger home improvement projects. Here are six ideas for putting this material to use in your home:

  • Replace glass: If it is time to replace glass windows in your kitchen cabinets and other built-ins, consider acrylic plastic sheets in Orem, UT. They offer more durability and you can choose different colors and finishes. If you’ve ever wanted to try something different with your cabinets, this is your chance. With this quick replacement, you can avoid spending additional money on replacing cabinets. Acrylic also does not shatter on impact, so if you have small children in your home, using it is safer for them.
  • New backsplash: When it is time to replace an old kitchen backsplash, use acrylic sheeting. Just as with glass, you have options in terms of texture and color, so you can go with a new look or preserve the old one. The acrylic is waterproof and easy to clean, meaning you will have an easier time keeping it sanitary and maintained.
  • Wall shelves: Smaller spaces in your home benefit from wall shelves. They demand no floor space and create flexibility in decorating. When you install glass wall shelves, you risk dropping them or having them give way one day as the glass becomes brittle. Acrylic offers the same look as glass, but with better durability. The sheets are also lightweight, so installing the wall shelves requires much less effort.
  • Picture frames: You may not like the off-the-rack frames you find, or you have an art piece that is oddly sized. Save money on custom framing and make a frame from an acrylic sheet. If pictures fall off the wall, the acrylic will not break and damage the artwork, which is not guaranteed with a wood frame with a glass insert.
  • Accent tables: If you spend time on Pinterest, you will discover many do-it-yourself projects for making coffee tables or end tables. An acrylic top offers the elegance of glass without the breaking danger. You can mold it to any shape or keep a traditional square. Only your preference limits the options. Your acrylic table will be many times more durable than glass, and easier to clean. You will no longer have to panic when your guests fail to use a coaster!
  • Bed frames: For the truly ambitious acrylic furniture project, use the sheets to make a bed frame. The acrylic is durable and less likely to fail under the weight of a mattress and box spring. Even though it can stand up to this use, acrylic sheets are easy to cut, which makes this a large but easy project. It will save you money on buying additional bed frames when you need to furnish a guest room.

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