Create Perfect Prototypes with Plastic Fabrication

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It is one thing to have a new product idea and another thing completely to see if it works. Plastic fabrication in Orem, UT creates excellent end products, but sometimes you need to run a test first. Even if you do not plan on producing plastic products, we can use plastic to create prototypes for testing and provide you with a ready mold. Here are five ways these services assure end product success:

  • Mold availability: Making a prototype also creates a mold. When you order your prototype, and discover it works well, you can call us to receive the mold so it is easier to duplicate the effort. Sometimes much of the hit-and-miss with invention is being able to recreate the product to the specifications that worked with the prototype. Plastic prototypes make that easier since they need a mold to exist in the first place. This keeps you from having to reinvent the wheel once you discover a successful combination.
  • Reduce material waste: Material costs rise with waste. If you plan on eventually making a product or part out of steel or any other material that is not plastic, you want to be assured it works and do so in a cost-effective way. Disposing of failed steel parts wastes material and raises costs. Even if you recycle the steel, that still raises your labor costs. When you start with plastic prototypes, you can test theories without facing disposal and restocking expenses. Since you will also secure a mold with plastic prototyping, you also reduce the likelihood of errors on a final product that could interfere with your bottom line.
  • Better data: Your success depends on good data. It is unlikely your first prototype will be perfect, but that should not diminish all hope. When you create a sturdy plastic prototype and test it, you will receive vital data that supports improvement of the product. Since you are paying less for material and failure is not as costly, you can even run more strenuous tests to receive better results and know where there are shortcomings. Being able to push your prototypes creates better information for development and market entry.
  • Improved product performance: If you manufacture highly specified products like tools, modifying them after you create them compromises its performance and durability. When you perfect a tool first through plastic prototypes, you do not need to change the final product. That allows you to offer your customers better quality.
  • Quicker market entry: When you create a successful prototype, most of the work is done for you. With the prototype, you secure the mold and exact specifications that make manufacturing easier. Since consumer products especially have a short market lifespan, building inventory and making sales as soon as possible is vital. Otherwise, you may not recover your development and production costs. With prototypes and molds, you can enter the market sooner without sacrificing quality.

If you require prototypes and molds, our plant specializes in plastic fabrication in Orem, UT, and we are here to assist you. Call D&D Plastics today and start making your idea a reality!

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