What to Consider When Seeking a Plastic Thermoforming Company

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No two people are the same, and no two projects are the same, either—especially when it comes to custom plastic thermoforming. As a leading plastic design company in Utah, D&D Plastics understands that a wide variety of factors have an impact on each person’s specific design and process requirements. Much must be taken into consideration, from project deadlines and materials to budget margins and product numbers.

That’s why it’s important to choose a plastic design company that is compatible with your needs—one that knows your niche and has the experience necessary to give you excellent results.

Ask about industry experience

Before you hire a company to take on your plastic design project, take the time to ask them about their past industry experience. For example, you should come away knowing:

  • How long they’ve been in business
  • Whether or not they have experience with your type of project and industry
  • If they’ve ever been honored or otherwise recognized by the plastic design industry

Ask them whether they have any examples of projects they’ve done that are similar to yours. This might mean photos, write-ups or a case study or two for you to look over.

A good plastic design company will most likely have some prior experience with your project or one similar to it. If you have specific, unique design elements to your product, confirm that the companies you’re considering can meet those requirements, even if they’ve never created something precisely like your product in the past.

Ask about their engineering process

In addition to industry experience, be sure to discuss the company’s engineering process, including their knowledge of your materials and industry, as well as their design and planning capabilities. Here are a few helpful questions you might want to ask:

  • Can you help me take my product from basic design all the way to completion?
  • Do you have an in-house engineering department?
  • Can you give me suggestions for the material that is best for my particular requirements?
  • Do you have experience with creating parts to meet specific industry standards, such as a flame-retardant component?

Think big picture, and in-house

At first, you might understandably be thinking almost exclusively about the end result of working with a specific company: how much it will cost, when it will be finished and so on. But don’t forget that a truly excellent plastic design company in Utah will take you from your earliest doodles to a full concept and, ultimately, a high quality finished product. This means they should be experts in tooling design, material identification, your particular assembly requirements and more.

You will most often find that companies meeting all of these qualifications keep an engineering team onsite and in-house, rather than outsourcing any of their design and concept planning work to an outside engineering firm. Confirm that this is the case, as having your project outsourced can lead to confusion, miscommunication, delays and unexpected costs.

At D&D Plastics, we have the experience necessary to help you turn a napkin doodle into a fantastic finished product. Give us a call today to get started!

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