Frequently Asked Questions About ABS Sheets in Utah

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At D&D Plastics, we are known for a wide variety of our plastic products and manufacturing services, including our ABS sheets. We receive a wide variety of questions about ABS sheets in Utah, some of which we have listed below with their corresponding answers. If you have additional questions about our ABS sheets or any of our other products or services, we encourage you to contact us today for more information.

Q: What is ABS plastic?

ABS stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. It is an opaque thermoplastic and an amorphous polymer. It being a “thermoplastic” refers to how it holds up to the application of heat. Rather than burning, thermoplastics liquefy, which allows them to be more easily molded and recycled. Compare this to thermoset plastics, which are only able to be heated once, during injection molding.

Q: How is ABS made?

In most cases, ABS is polymerized via a process called emulsion, which involves mixing multiple products that usually would not be combined into one single resulting product. Milk is perhaps the most common emulsified product we use on an everyday basis. ABS is created via mass polymerization in some cases, but more commonly by the emulsion process.

Q: Why is ABS used so commonly?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of ABS is its outstanding resistance to corrosives and physical impact. It is strong and resilient, not to mention extremely easy to machine and work with. Its low melting temperature makes it especially simple to use in injection molding processes, or in 3D printing applications. Beyond these physical characteristics, ABS is relatively cheap—between the prices of polypropylene and polycarbonate. All of these benefits make it an ideal plastic to be used across industries of all types.

Q: What are some examples of common ABS usages?

There are countless ways ABS can be (and is) used. The keys on your computer keyboard have almost certainly been made with ABS plastic. LEGO toys are all molded with ABS plastic. The faceplate guards on the electrical outlets in your home have been made with ABS plastic. These are merely a few examples of the many you encounter every day, likely without even knowing it.

Q: How has ABS been used in the 3D printing industry?

ABS is one of the materials most commonly used in 3D printing applications, because it is easily machined, glued, sanded and painted. It is an outstanding material for developing prototypes. There are various 3D printing processes that are helped out by ABS plastic, but the processes used vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Q: Is ABS toxic at all?

There are no known carcinogens associated with ABS. There are also no known health risks associated with exposure to ABS. However, ABS is not suitable to be used for medical implants or some types of medical devices.

For more information about ABS sheets in Utah and why ABS is such a versatile and beneficial material to use in a variety of applications, contact the team at D&D Plastics today.

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