What You Need to Know About Clamshell Packaging in Utah

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You may be thinking about clamshell packaging for your business in Utah, but are unsure about the costs and benefits. With many types of packaging and options to choose from for your product, it’s important to know the facts about the type of packaging you choose. Clamshell packaging can be a great option for products that you want to showcase or display, but it can also be pricy for custom packaging. Find out everything you need to know about whether the benefits of clamshell packaging in Utah are right for your business:

  • Display: This blister packaging folds into itself and is made of thermoplastic, often accompanied by a cardboard or paper insert that is covered with product information and marketing content. The transparency of the thermoplastic in clamshell packaging beats traditional cardboard box packaging because it’s made to display the product you’re selling, so the packaging itself becomes a great in-person visual marketing showcase. Combined with the marketing insert, it makes for a great physical representation.
  • Protect: Not only does the thermoplastic casing display the product, but it protects it as well or better than a traditional cardboard box package. Since it’s tightly sealed between layers of durable plastic, there’s no room for loose parts to shake free of restraints and break. The product is tightly protected while in stock, in transit or on the shelves.
  • Anti-theft: The same reason why customers sometimes hate this type of product when they get home with it is why sellers love it: it’s hard to break into. The tamper-proof plastic is almost impossible to tear open without a knife or box cutter. And, even if customers were to try to slip the product into a bag or pocket, the sometimes large, bulky packaging prohibits them from doing so without calling much attention to themselves. Plus, once at home, paying customers can easily open the product with a sharp knife.
  • Value: Clamshell packaging in Utah easily shows the worth of the product. While many cheap products can be hidden behind a cardboard box with a picture on the front, the transparent thermoplastic showcases the actual product with its real size, dimensions and color. If you’re proud of your product, make sure its value is apparent, even when still in the package.
  • Customizable: You can choose from completely customizable clamshell packaging for your product or stock clamshells with customizable inserts. For the most affordable option, choose stock packaging, which still allows for many customizations and sizes. The package itself won’t be form fitting, but inserts will fit to the product. Custom packaging will require unique tooling for each product and can raise costs, but can set your product apart, and may be worth the cost for high volume orders.
  • Nestable: Clamshell packages of like product are easily storable and displayable. Whether stacked together on a shelf or displayed in a cascade on a rack, these packages lend themselves well to storage and display.

If you’re looking for clamshell packaging in Utah for your product or just want to discuss options and pricing, give us a call at D&D Plastics. We’d be glad to take a look at your product and help you discover the best options for you!

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