Protect Yourself with These Acrylic Sneeze Guard Ideas

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As the COVID-19 pandemic changes the ways in which we interact and do business with each other, there is an increased emphasis on safe, healthy service in retail, grocery stores and restaurants. Acrylic sneeze guards aren’t just for buffets anymore—businesses are installing them to protect their workers and customers at registers and other contact points.

Depending on the demands of your particular business or industry, you may want to install plastic sneeze guards in your customer-facing areas. Here are the best plastic sneeze guard ideas in Utah—and when you’re ready to create your own custom sneeze guards, contact D&D Plastics to design and produce the specifically-tailored products you need:

  • Straight-cut sheets: Straight-cut sheets of clear acrylic are the most common sneeze guards. They allow people to interact while protecting each other from spraying germs. Straight-cut sheets are easy to produce and install—most of the ideas below are made with straight-cut sheets as a base.
  • Framed sheets: Framed sheets are a great example of using straight cut sheets, then adding extra features. Frames can be made from metal or wood and used to support the sneeze guard wherever it’s installed.
  • Rounded corners: Rounded corners offer a more finished look to your simple acrylic sheet. If you plan to keep these guards up long after the pandemic has been contained, you may want to invest in a nicer look.
  • Multiple fastener rows: Sneeze guards can be created with your choice and size of fastener holes, whether you’ll use a single row or multiple rows for additional support.
  • Pass-through windows: Pass-through windows are popular in convenience stores, gas stations and other places where products need to be handed to and taken from customers. They can be made with simple plastic sheets or use rounded corners, different fastener configurations and molded sides, if desired.
  • Molded corners and sides: Molded corners and sides are useful in providing added protection when customers can approach from different angles. Plastic sheets are heated and formed to create clear protective cubicles.
  • Ceiling-hang sheets: Finally, sneeze guards can easily be hung from the ceiling—holes can be drilled to add fasteners from the top.

Whatever kind of sneeze guard you need for your business, working with an experienced plastic designer and fabricator can help you create the custom size, shape and style that will work for you. Thanks to technology and production methods, these can be made in any quantity you prefer—from one or two custom pieces to producing in volumes up to the hundreds, thousands or even millions.

When working with a designer, have a general idea of what kind of product you want, the measurements you’re considering and how you expect the sneeze guard will be used. The designers and engineers at D&D Plastics will be able to help you create the custom sneeze guard you need.

Ready to talk over your custom plastic sneeze guard ideas in Utah? Reach out to the team at D&D Plastics today to arrange a consultation and learn more about what we can do for you.

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