Plastic’s Role in Stopping the Spread of Germs

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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in Americans—and American businesses—becoming more careful than ever before with regard to sanitation and cleanliness. Over the last several months, plastic has played a large, important role in stopping the spread of germs, and acrylic sheet sales in Utah and beyond have seen a considerable spike.

One of the most visible plastic applications that has been used in the time of COVID-19 is the plastic sneeze guard or partition. These partitions are easy to install, as they do not require any special mounting equipment. They have long been in use in spaces like banks and convenience stores for added security, but now they also protect workers from contamination in commercial areas like grocery stores, restaurants and various other types of businesses.

The purpose of these plastic partitions is to keep germs contained while resulting in a “closed off” feeling. The clear plastic still allows light to flow through, and allows you to see the person behind it. The material itself is durable, light and strong, and is easy to clean and sanitize, an important trait during a global pandemic.

Customizing your plastic partitions

You can purchase plastic sneeze guards that can be easily customized to fit the area in which they will be installed. In many cases, manufacturers will use acrylic plastic sheets and, while you can purchase them in pre-made sizes, you can also choose to customize your plastic sneeze guard to get the ideal size for your counter area.

Most plastic barriers come ready to install, and the installation process is simple. The acrylic plastic used to create these partitions is of high quality, in such a way that it offers outstanding protection from potential airborne viral droplets or bacteria while still allowing for transparency and easy communication. The goal of many business owners is to provide a high level of protection without damaging the customer experience to a significant degree, and this is an effective way of doing so at relatively low cost.

You can find freestanding plastic barriers, or double-sided tape options that allow you to easily mount the sheet to any surface. Barriers can be installed on existing countertops, or can fit in between cash points. They can also be used for a variety of workstations; for example, if you have an open office environment, you can use these sheets to create more separation between employees and make sure they are comfortable in their work area.

One result of this pandemic has been that businesses have had to put some significant thought into evaluating and tweaking all of their safety protocols and the safety measures they’ve implemented in their locations. More than ever before, it is crucial to provide a neat, sanitary and safe working environment, and these plastic sneeze guard partitions can help with this.

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