The Top Advantages of Thermoforming Plastic Products

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Over the last few decades, more and more businesses have discovered the immense applications available when working with plastic. Whether you’re molding the plastic for children’s toys or industrial machinery, there is no end to its uses. As companies find more ways to rely on plastic, so too are there more people willing to find innovative, cost-effective ways to shape that plastic. Take, for instance, thermoformed plastic items in Utah.

What is thermoforming?

As you may or may not know, plastic is a highly malleable substance. That means, if handled correctly, plastic can be shaped into any number of products of varying shapes and sizes. When a piece of plastic is being thermoformed, it is heated to a high degree until it becomes soft. Then, the plastic is pressed into (or onto) a mold so it can be formed into the proper shape. Finally, thermoformed plastic items in Utah are cooled to room temperature, where they harden.

There are endless advantages to choosing thermoformed plastics.

Save some money

Perhaps the most compelling argument for thermoformed plastics is the cost savings. If you have to mass-produce plastic parts, having them contoured and trimmed using thermoforming could save you a lot of money on parts. Thermoformed parts typically only require one half of a mold, which means you save money on initial costs.

Don’t waste your time

The thermoforming process is perfect if you’re trying to get a product launched in a short window of time. For companies that are shooting for a quick launch window or aiming for just-in-time production, thermoforming is the ideal option. Often, an entire project can be completed in as little as six weeks.

Hit the ground running

Once you’ve worked with a contractor to build your mold, the process of forming your plastics will go much quicker than if you had to individually form each component. When you do enter production, thermoformed plastic molds are easy to upgrade on the fly as you innovate your product.

Go big or go home

Another benefit to thermoformed plastic items in Utah is their ease of use. It’s much easier to construct massive parts. Some companies have even used the thermoforming technique to build parts for wind turbines for renewable energy.

Build your product your way

Thermoforming isn’t a limited process by any means. When you opt for thermoforming, you can decide how your final product ends up by choosing one of a variety of finishes, colors, patterns and textures.

Come to the pros who know

If you’d like to find out more about thermoformed plastic items in Utah, come to D&D Plastics. We’re a design and development company with 40 years of experience helping companies of all sizes develop products they can be proud of. At D&D Plastics, we’re pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished with plastic. Now, it’s your turn to get in on the revolution. We have the skill and tools to complete any kind of plastic job. All you have to do is pick up the phone and enlist our help to get started!

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