Protect Your Collectibles with Custom Plastic Display Cases

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Collectors of just about any kind of item need a way to safely display their collections. For many types of items, custom plastic display cases are the best means of showing off what they’ve got.

Investing in display cases is crucial not just for displaying your items, but also for protecting them. Your collection likely has a significant amount of both monetary and sentimental value, and you’ve probably put a lot of time into gathering and organizing it, so it only makes sense that you’d want to do what you can to protect that investment.

Here are just a few of the reasons why custom plastic display cases, especially acrylic boxes, are so popular among Utah collectors and why they make such an important and beneficial investment.

Great for staging your collectibles

Part of the fun of having a collection is being able to show it off to friends, family and admirers. Rather than placing them in a box where they’ll never get to be seen, you can use plastic display cases to show off some of the most important pieces, and more strategically place your collections around the room in which you are displaying them. You can mount display boxes on walls, place them on shelves, stack them on top of each other or arrange them in any other fashion to make them stand out.

One of the great benefits of these display cases is that as much as they help make your collectibles stand out, they don’t attract any attention themselves, due to their transparency. You don’t have to worry about the plastic creating any sort of tint or glare that will detract from the appearance of your collection.

Ideal for protecting your items

Over the course of time, it’s easy for dust, fingerprints and other environmental factors to potentially degrade the condition of your collection. Using display cases allows you to protect your items from dirt and grime. It also prevents you from having to perform nearly as much cleaning or maintenance.

You will still occasionally need to clean off the plastic to ensure its transparency and to give it the best appearance possible, but a microfiber cloth and perhaps an acrylic cleaning product will generally be more than sufficient to handle that task.

Finally, keeping your items in custom plastic display cases protects them from other people, including guests and young children, as well as pets. Even if a box gets bumped or knocked over, there will be much less of a chance that the items inside will be damaged.

Simple storage

These boxes aren’t just ideal for display—they also make great storage containers. The items you place inside them will be easy enough to move and rearrange without you having to take out and move each item individually and risk getting fingerprints all over them. If you need to temporarily store the collection away, you can keep them in the boxes and stack them up in a way that saves space.

For more information about the benefits of custom plastic display cases in Utah, contact D&D Plastics today.

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