An Overview of the Different Types of Plastic Fabrication Services We Offer

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When it comes to working with plastic products like acrylic, polycarbonate and ABS, it can be hard to find a full-service company that meets all of your needs. Fortunately for our customers at D&D Plastics, we’re one of the few companies that provides a wide range of plastic fabrication services in Utah. This post will cover a few of our top services and teach you more about each one.

Injection molding

If your business needs to create hundreds or even thousands of plastic objects, injection molding is the go-to process. As the name suggests, injection molding involves creating a mold and injecting plastic to create a figurine or object. Other types of molding we perform include rotation molding and blow molding, which are used to create different types of plastic products.

Sneeze guard production

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, sneeze guards at restaurants, buffets and other food service establishments are more important than ever. The sneeze guards we create are made of the highest quality acrylic, effectively protecting food from germs while resisting scratches and other damage.

Plastic welding

Plastic welding is essentially the same thing as metal welding, except we use it to combine thermoplastics that can’t be combined with adhesives. Plastic welding can be performed with hot gas emissions, spinning, contact welding or high-frequency vibrations.


When different types of plastic need to be combined to form a product, our professionals use a technique called compounding. This process involves melting down the various plastics before putting them in a mold. Combining the different plastics will give your product desired characteristics that couldn’t be achieved with other plastic fabrication services in Utah.


Laminating a piece of paper is one of the best ways to protect it from moisture or the elements. But paper isn’t the other thing that can be laminated. By applying laminate film with heat, our plastic professionals can laminate products like fiberglass to strengthen them and improve the material’s lifespan.

Plastic extrusion

To create piping, tubing or sheeting products, our team will use a process called plastic extrusion. We may also use extrusion to enhance the plastic fabrication process before lamination. Sheet extrusion and profile extrusion are the two most common types—our team performs them both.

Plastic foaming

When you need to turn a foam product into a different shape, like a flat sheet or a rod, our team will use a technique appropriately called plastic foaming. Depending on the required shape of the polymer composites, we’ll either use physical or chemical blowing to complete the task.

Plastic product manufacturing

Because we offer so many different services and production methods, we’re able to create any type of plastic product you can imagine. Regardless of the shape of the product or the plastic required for the job, we’ve got you covered.

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With so many services offered, we’re the obvious choice when it comes to plastic fabrication services in Utah. Contact us today to get a quote or to learn more about how we can meet your plastic needs.

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