Choosing the Right Plastic Fabrication Company for You

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Hiring a plastic fabrication company in Utah isn’t something most people need to do every day. But for those who need plastic services, it’s crucial that they choose the right team.

The good news is that knowing who to turn to doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Instead of hiring the first company you find in a phone book or through a Google search, follow this advice to ensure you work with the best plastic manufacturers in town.

Services offered

It’s important to note that not all plastic fabrication companies provide the same services. While this might not be a big deal if your business only needs injection molding or lamination work performed, that’s not the case for many customers.

We recommend hiring a company like D&D Plastics that offers a host of services for all sorts of different industries. Whether you need sneeze guards for your restaurants or injection molding for your toy company, we’re the go-to team for the job.

Technology used

Just like with most industries, the technology used to create and combine plastic products seems to advance every day. This is fantastic news for all sorts of industries because technological advances improve product quality, speed up production time and reduce costs.

Do your research to learn about the latest technology and ensure your chosen plastic fabrication company in Utah utilizes it. If the company isn’t up to date on the hottest trends and production methods, your plastic products will suffer.

Reputation and reviews

When choosing an auto mechanic or construction contractor, looking at online reviews can be the difference between picking a dud and hiring a qualified and reputable company. The same is true for plastic manufacturers! There are plenty of websites out there that provide reviews for plastic companies. Be sure to choose a fabricator with an abundance of five-star ratings.

You can also ask the manufacturer in question if you can speak to any of their former clients. Getting real reviews from satisfied customers will help set your mind at ease regarding your decision.


There’s no point in spending a fortune on plastic manufacturing, especially if your margins are already razor thin. Do your budget a favor by shopping around and getting quotes from several different plastic fabricators. Trust us: neglecting this step will likely leave you kicking yourself for quite some time.


Whether you need one-off plastic fabrication services or you’re trying to establish a long-term relationship with the company, ask about their typical communication methods. Quality plastic fabricators regularly give their customers updates about their product’s status, even when there are hiccups that delay production. Be sure to confirm that the company in question is dedicated to open communication with all of its clients.

Contact D&D Plastics today!

At D&D Plastics, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Contact our team today to learn why we’re the best plastic fabrication company in Utah or to learn more about all of the plastic design and fabrication services we offer.

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