Which Material Is Best for Display Cases: Glass or Acrylic?

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Are you looking for the perfect place to display that autographed baseball or one-of-a-kind comic book? Maybe you need somewhere you share your newest piece of art with visitors. Bakeries in Orem, UT often need pastry display cases. A good display case will properly protect your items while allowing everyone to see them. When shopping for display cases, however, people sometimes wonder whether glass or acrylic is better.

Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Glass is often viewed as the classier option, so many people go with glass for displaying expensive items. Acrylic display cases, on the other hand, are usually more inexpensive than glass and can even look just as good. In fact, you’ll find that acrylic may even be the better option in most cases. Read on for more information on both materials.

The safety of your items

A display case might hold some of your most valuable possessions, so safety is a primary concern. When it comes to safety, you’ll usually find that acrylic display cases are the better option. This is simply because glass is much easier to break than acrylic. The strength of acrylic is especially beneficial when you’re trying to move. A glass display case can easily shatter when dropped or placed incorrectly in the back of a moving truck. This is usually less of a concern with acrylic cases, though it’s important to handle them with care as well.

Potential of scratches

One major benefit of glass cases is that you can buy scratch-resistant glass. Scratch-resistant display cases cost more, but are always the better option. That said, not all scratch-resistant display cases work as intended. They can still become scratched over time, and the scratches are often hard to repair.

While acrylic display cases can get scratched, the scratches are usually easy to fix. There are DIY products you could use to fix scratches, but it’s usually best to contact a local plastic repair company. A Utah company that specializes in custom plastic display cases can usually take care of any scratches for a fair price.


If you’re purchasing a display case for your items, that means you’ll want everyone to be able to see them. Acrylic might be a little harder to clean than glass, but it’s more resistant to glare and is less prone to fading.

When it comes to cleaning glass, all you’ll need is some top quality-glass cleaner and a clean rag. Acrylic should usually be cleaned with soft dish soap and water, as certain household cleaners could damage the material.


If you’re looking for affordability, acrylic is definitely the way to go. Glass display cases are often quite expensive, and that doesn’t even include shipping costs. Since glass display cases are much heavier, their shipping costs will usually be a lot higher. While there are low-cost glass display cases out there, these are often made from subpar materials that are more susceptible to scratches and cracks.

If you’re looking for custom plastic display cases in Utah for your bakery, jewelry store or other establishment, contact the experts at D&D Plastics to learn more about your options.

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