How to Use Acrylic Panels and Sheets at Home

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Whether you fabricate your own or get them at the store, acrylic panels and sheets have a number of different uses. Acrylic is a type of plastic. It’s sturdy, stiff and has great clarity. Plus, it’s shatter resistant. This makes it ideal for windows, signs, fixtures, shelves and other applications.

Acrylic sheets are easy to fabricate and assemble, making them a great choice for many DIY projects. When you want to spruce up your home, they offer a range of options. You’re only limited by your creativity.

Here are some ways to use acrylic panels and sheets in your own home:

  • Wall shelves: If you’ve ever admired the look of glass shelves, acrylic can be a great substitute. Glass wall shelves are airy and modern, but they’re also brittle and breakable. Acrylic is as clear as glass, but incredibly durable. Its shatter resistance will help protect your shelves from falls or falling objects. Plus, they’re less expensive and easier to assemble.
  • Kitchen backsplash: If your kitchen backsplash needs an upgrade, why not replace it with a colored acrylic sheet? You’ll get full, glossy color. Plus, it’s groutless. That makes it more sanitary and easier to clean. Acrylic sheets can stand up to heat, splattering grease and more.
  • Picture frames: If you’ve ever priced large wall picture frames, you know how expensive and heavy they can be. Whether you choose wood or glass, acrylic is a great option. Not only is it lightweight and shatter resistant, but acrylic is as clear as glass. You can show off your beautiful artwork with no danger of damaging it. It’s a bargain for the benefits.
  • Bed frames: Bed frames are pricy. They’re often made of wood, which is heavy and expensive, and can be difficult to cut. Acrylic is a great option. Since it’s lightweight but durable—and easy to cut and assemble—you can create a custom bed frame for your room. They’re less likely to crack or break than wood frames, and you’ll get the exact look you want.
  • Coffee or end tables: Love the look of glass tables, but don’t want to risk breakage? Acrylic sheets are a good way to get the look with less danger and less hassle. This is an especially great option when you have small children, but still want your home to look great.
  • “Glass” cabinets: Finally, create your own “glass” cabinets with acrylic sheets. Since they’re as clear as glass but unlikely to shatter, you can rest assured your valuable display pieces will look great—and stay protected.

Overall, acrylic sheets are a smart way to add style, flair and durability to your home. Whether you opt for clear “glass” sheets or choose a color, you’re sure to find dozens of ways to use acrylic panels and sheets at home.

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