Common Uses of ABS Plastic Sheets

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Why do manufacturers in a variety of industries use ABS sheets to create products and components?

For one thing, ABS plastic is low cost, offering extreme durability at budget-friendly prices. It’s also highly versatile and can be molded into specific, unique shapes in a variety of colors.

Here are some of the industries and products that commonly use ABS plastic sheets in manufacturing.

Automotive components

ABS plastics are used to make a variety of durable, long-lasting automobile components. From vehicle body parts and steering wheel covers to dashboards and door panels, vehicle manufacturers take advantage of the exceptional strength and the light weight of ABS. In many cases, manufacturers who choose ABS over other plastics are able to reduce the weight of a vehicle by up to 10 percent.

Marine components

ABS is an ideal plastic for fabricating marine components due to its low moisture absorption rate and its incredible impact resistance. Cleat blocks, bulkheads, stringers, transom inserts and more can be made with marine-grade ABS plastics that are specially designed to withstand the elements.

Plumbing products

Many plumbing products, including pipes and fittings, last longer when they’re made with ABS plastic sheeting. Not only is it more durable than PVC, holding up well in even the lowest of temperatures, but it also won’t rot, mold or corrode, even when used for collecting waste. It’s ideal for use outside, underground and in extreme cold—all situations where traditional metal or PVC piping may fail.

Retail fixtures

In the past, retail fixtures like point-of-purchase (POP) displays were made from cardboard. Unfortunately, cardboard simply isn’t durable enough to withstand the everyday wear and tear that occurs in a busy store. ABS plastic is the ideal solution for manufacturing POP displays: It’s resistant to fading and smoke and water damage, resulting in better-looking, longer-lasting displays.


Some of the most popular toys on the market are made with ABS plastic due to its versatility. ABS plastic comes in just about any color you can imagine and can be finished in a variety of surface textures, making it ideal for creating a wide variety of toys including Lego blocks, simple musical instruments and more. Products made with ABS can withstand the rough-and-tumble nature of play, and they’re completely safe and suitable for young children to use.

Vacuum components

Most vacuum components are made with ABS sheets due to the material’s durability and affordability. Vacuum manufacturers rely on the strength of ABS to create both large and small components that will stand up to heavy use. ABS can be formed with a textured finish, providing a variegated surface that hides scratches and general wear and tear. Other everyday appliances and consumer goods also benefit from the strength and durability of ABS plastic, including food processors, refrigerator components and more.

ABS sheets are versatile and durable, making them ideal for a variety of manufacturing applications. Learn more about the plastic fabrication process, including materials and methods, by reaching out to D&D Plastics. We’ll help you determine the best combination of materials and techniques for your specific applications.

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