What Are the Common Uses for Plastic Fabrication?

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Plastic continues to be a very common type of material for a variety of purposes. Plastic can be used for consumer products, manufacturing, and a plethora of other uses. An important part of creating any plastic product is plastic fabrication, which is ultimately the design and creation of a plastic item. While plastic is quite common, the method by which it is produced can vary considerably. There are various forms of plastic fabrication that are used to create different products.

Plastic Molding

The process of plastic molding is a common way to create a variety of products. This includes injection molding, which is often used to create larger appliance frames and consumer products. In this process, base plastic is melted and broken down. It can then be placed inside a mold, holding the plastic until it hardens and provides a shell or frame of a product.

Plastic Foaming

Another one of the most common plastic fabrication processes is plastic foaming. For the assembly of plastic products, plastic foaming is a popular option. If a plastic product needs to be turned into a specific shape, plastic foaming is often preferred. During this process, plastic is typically created and turned into a specific shape through a chemical blowing process. This can help create the desired shape, which is then used in mass production.

Plastic Printing

One of the most common forms of plastic product creation is plastic 3D printing. 3D printers are becoming more popular and used in various personal and professional settings around the world. Through a process that involves UV light, powder fusion, and other technological processes, the plastic 3D printer can take electronic specs of any item and have it printed into a 3D shape. These printers have many functional advantages, including creating spare parts, small tools, and even figurines.

Plastic Welding

When most people think of welding, they consider using a high amount of heat and energy to combine two pieces of metal together. While this is a common process used for manufacturing metal items, it can also work the same way with plastic. The plastic welding process will melt various forms of plastic and then either mix or weld them together.

Plastic continues to be a great material used to create many consumer goods and other items. This is because it is affordable, durable, and easy to create. These are some of the most common types of plastic fabrication.


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