What Can Vacuum Forming for Concrete Molds Manufacturer?

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The world of fabrication has come a long way since its inception. Manufacturing processes involving mold and design to manipulation of materials like plastics have arguably experienced more advancements and changes than any industry today. Heavy gauge vacuum formed components are a prime example of these invaluable evolutions with D&D Plastics.

End products from vacuum forming are conventionally thermoplastics oriented but have applications elsewhere too. The practical convention also commonly witnesses the use of vacuum forming in packaging. However, the real magic and power of vacuum forming are in its versatility and strength.

Vacuum Forming in Fabrication

Beyond the use and practical application of vacuum forming in packaging processes, this simplified version of thermoforming continues to find greater and more versatile applications. The vacuum-forming process is commonly used in manufacturing to form plastics into permanent objects.

Some of the products vacuum forming has a hand in fabricating include enclosures and covers for equipment and engines to kiosks and turnpike signs, among others. The implementation of heavy gauge plastics and advances in molding designs have also changed the landscape of the fabrication industry.

Without vacuum forming and the inventive use of materials and mold designs, fabrication would look far different from the one we know. Many of the products and items we use and rely on every day have vacuum-forming processes in their design and manufacture.

With the strength to create durable and useful everyday products and the versatility to fabricate virtually any shape, effective and efficient vacuum-forming processes are the lifeline of plastics manufacturers everywhere. That is also why companies like D&D Plastics exist because, from concept and design to manufacturing, it all depends on vacuum forming.

D&D Plastics

Welcome to D&D Plastics. We are a design and development company that assists clients in taking a concept or design and developing it into a viable product. With over 35 years of experience in vacuum forming and fabrication, we push the boundaries of what we can do with plastic today for our customers and their product ideas.

At D&D Plastics, if you can imagine it, then we can make it. We also specialize in custom plastics, plastic sheeting, tubing, thermoforming, vacuum forming, acrylic, plastic rod, ABS and polycarbonate, and more. Our expertise, experience, and passion for creative design empower solutions, and the power of vacuum forming make those solutions work for you.

We focus on creating a win-win with our customers and want them to succeed and grow with us. At D&D Plastics, our customers always have and always will come first. Contact us to learn how we can help your next idea become a reality or to schedule a consultation to make it happen today.

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