What Is Laser Cutting Acrylic Used For?

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Acrylic is a fantastic material that can be used for nearly anything made by D&D Plastics. It can be used to make things like tanks, signs and more. When you are cutting acrylic with a laser, it is important that you understand what types of acrylic cut best with a laser, and what type of laser cutting is going to be best as well.

Two Types of Acrylics Used for Laser

There are two types of acrylic that are used in laser engraving and laser cutting. The first is cast acrylic. This is an acrylic sheet that is made by pouring out liquid acrylic that then sets and is put into molds. The acrylic can be made into different shapes, it can be made a flat sheet, and it can be made into different thicknesses as well. This type of acrylic is great for engraving as it does become frosty when it is engraved.

The other type of acrylic used in plastic design is extruded acrylic. This is often less expensive, and it is created through the extrusion process. It is not liquid and is pressed. It is often used when you want a flame-polished edge that is smooth, and that does not have sharp edges. Extruded acrylic is something that is going to have a very smooth edge when it is laser-cut. It does not allow for a frosted look when the acrylic is engraved, so it is not ideal for engraving.

Different Types of this Substrate 

When it comes to acrylic used for laser cutting, it is often referred to as substrate. Substrate is the material used for engraving and cutting and that the engraving is done on. The two types are what we have already discussed, the extruded and cast acrylic. Both are great for a range of jobs and a range of uses.

Acrylic as a material is great for laser cutting and engraving as it is flexible, will not chip or crack, will be easy to cut with lasers, and can also be engraved. It is something that can be made to size, and that is also going to lend itself well to nearly any job or any project that you have in mind.

When it comes to acrylic, it is also not going to cause any damage to your machinery, and it is also not going to cause any damage or any harm to the humans that are using the machinery or completing the project. Contact us to learn more today!

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