Can You Use Heavy and Thin Gauge Together When Thermoforming?

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Plastic is a very durable and cost-effective material that continues to be used in a wide range of capacities. Today, manufacturers will use plastic thermoforming processes to make specific items. There are various benefits of plastic thermoforming that can make it a good option, and different processes to choose from when you are looking to create a plastic product using thermoforming. D&D Plastics of Orem, UT offers this quick guide to thermoforming.

What Are the Benefits of Thermoforming?

Using plastic in the manufacturing and production of any type of product is often a good idea. Plastic can be very durable and flexible when it comes to creating a product. One of the best processes you can follow when creating a plastic product is thermoforming. The process of plastic thermoforming involves taking large sheets of plastic and then heating them to high temperatures. Once these high temperatures have been made, they can be applied to a mold and shaped into anything you want. The use of thermoforming provides you with an efficient and accurate way to create a plastic product. 

Different Types of Thermoforming

When it comes to manufacturing plastic products, thermoforming can be a great option. The top plastic thermoforming manufacturers will use different machines and processes depending on what they want to manufacture. The two main processes used are heavy gauge and thin gauge thermoforming.

Heavy Gauge

The use of heavy gauge thermoforming is common for plastic manufacturers today. This uses thicker plastic sheets that are up to 9mm thick. It tends to be made of different materials, including ABS and polycarbonate. The use of the machinery is typically hand-fed, and volume tends to be lower than other options on an annual basis. It can be used to create a variety of specialty and much larger products, including enclosures for kiosks, transportation parts, and industrial equipment covers.

Thin Gauge

The other type of process that can be used in thermoforming is thin gauge. This is typically roll-fed and is designed for higher annual volumes. As the materials used are much thinner, it can have practical applications for smaller items. Many consumer and medical products are manufactured using this thermoforming process. These include disposable plates and kitchenware, plastic food packaging, and medical device packaging. In some cases, the thin gauge and heavy gauge machines can be used to create individual parts of larger products, which are then combined together later. 

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