Plastic Product Fabrication in Utah for Restaurants

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Customized plastic product fabrication is commonly needed in restaurants for a variety of items including display cases, sneeze guards and even plastic menu covers. Having custom plastic products fabricated allows restaurants to get the items that fit their precise needs and ensures that they will be getting the most out of the items that they purchase. There are several reasons why it is beneficial for a restaurant to invest in custom plastic product fabrication in Utah rather than purchase pre-made items or find them secondhand:

  • Maintaining food safety: Since things like sneeze guards are designed to maintain the safety of the food that a restaurant serves, it is important that they are designed properly. Effective sneeze guards should be made to fit the specific buffet or display that they are protecting. Generally, sneeze guards should be tall enough to be navigated comfortably by a customer of average height. In addition, it is important that sneeze guards provide a complete barrier for the food without any gaps or empty space.
  • Blending with décor: One reason why pre-made or secondhand plastic items might not be the ideal choice is that they tend to stick out. Customized menu covers, display cases and sneeze guards can be designed to blend with a restaurant’s décor. When items in a restaurant fuse well with the overall aesthetic, it can provide a more positive experience to patrons.
  • Fitting specific business needs: Every restaurant is different and their specific needs should be met with the products that they choose. Customized plastic product fabrication in Utah is great since items can be tailor-made to fit the specifications of any particular business.
  • Protecting restaurant property: Plastic menu covers and display cases can keep restaurant property safe from contamination, stains and damage. Protecting your menus with custom plastic covers can keep them protected and reduce the frequency with which you need to replace them. This can save resources and prevent you from wasting money on property replacements that are unnecessary.
  • Ensuring easy maintenance: Plastic materials are generally easy to clean and maintain. Simply wiping sneeze guards, display cases and menu covers down with a rag and a suitable cleaning solution can remove stains, fingerprints and other marks. This means that it is easy to maintain cleanliness and hygiene to protect the health and safety of your staff and your patrons.

Whether you need custom sneeze guards made for your salad bar or plastic covers for your new happy hour menu, D&D Plastics is here to help. We are a design and development company with over three decades of experience in vacuum forming and fabrication. Our professional team is dedicated to bringing our client’s concepts and designs to life to deliver the highest available quality of plastic production fabrication in Utah. No matter the size or the scale of the project, we are up to the challenge. We provide innovative designs and techniques to create custom products that are tailor-made to fit the specific needs of each of our clients. To find out more about the services that we offer, give us a call today.

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