ABS Plastic Products That You Encounter Every Day

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ABS plastic products are some of the toughest items you will find. This material offers advantages when durability and safety are high priorities for products. It is likely you encounter ABS plastic products every day and take their strength for granted. Here is a look at why ABS plastic products in Orem, UT are so durable, and where you will find them most frequently.

Properties of ABS Plastic

Short for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, ABS plastic is an ideal manufacturing material. The strongest versions contain glass fibers that enhance the plastic elements. This makes ABS impact- and heat-resistant, but also lightweight.

ABS plastic is naturally white; this provides the ideal backdrop for dyes. Manufacturers can apply color without streaks or flaws, which only adds to quality. Once dyed, colors remain bright and they do not fade.

Many industries also prefer ABS plastic for its resistance to corrosive chemicals and its malleability. Even with this resistance, it remains easy to machine, and that allows it a wide range for applications. However, it is not completely perfect. ABS plastic has a low melting point, so it is not used for extreme applications involving temperatures above 221 degrees. Therefore, you are unlikely to find it in industries like aerospace or metal fabrication, where high temperatures are commonplace.

Where you find it

ABS plastic is used to make everything from action figures to automobile parts. The most popular application is children’s toys, including the ever-popular LEGO blocks. Regulations require toys to meet strength standards so the exuberance of childhood does not result in failure and injury. ABS plastic becomes an ideal material for that application.

Other advantages offered to the toy industry include its non-toxicity, due to the lack of known carcinogens. There has never been an ill health effect from ABS plastics. Even when toys are dyed, there are still no dangers. In fact, the properties of ABS are why children’s toys remain brightly colored. That is another attractive element of using this material.

Other high-impact applications for ABS include computer keyboards, power tool housing and face guards on wall sockets. Electronic casing is often made of ABS, too. ABS plastic makes up a large portion of automobile dashboards, since you do not want a dashboard that shatters when the air bag deploys. Any product that needs to stand up to external impacts is ideal for ABS plastic.

The latest application for ABS plastic is 3D printing and prototype developments. With new lower-cost methods of producing and testing products, ABS plastics play a significant role. It is nearly ideal for 3D printing since it falls within the required temperature tolerances and adopts bright colors when necessary. If you use ABS plastic for your prototypes, the possibilities for product tests are nearly endless.

ABS plastic products in Orem, UT offer durability over other options. If you are considering this material for your next manufacturing run, contact D&D Plastics. We offer design, fabrication and repair of plastic products. Let us help you develop with the highest quality possible!

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