Top Reasons You Should Get New Restaurant Equipment in Utah

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When you own a restaurant or food service business, it can be difficult to bite the bullet and make the decision to replace your old equipment. But there are some circumstances in which it’s absolutely necessary. While it might be tempting to save some money by purchasing used equipment, the peace of mind you get from purchasing brand new restaurant equipment in Utah is worth it.

Here are just a few of the main reasons why you should get new restaurant equipment for your food service business:

  • Less maintenance: The more a piece of equipment is run, the more likely it is to need repairs and part replacements. Purchasing a brand new piece of equipment means you’re starting with a clean slate—you won’t have to worry about repairs or part replacements for a while. When you purchase used equipment, you can never be 100 percent sure when you’re going to need to call in for repairs, even if the equipment looks good upon first inspection. Plus, replacement parts might not be as widely available for older units, which means those parts and repairs could cost more.
  • Better warranties: You’re going to get a much longer warranty when purchasing a new piece of equipment than you will when purchasing used equipment, if you even get a warranty at all for used machinery. New equipment will usually come with at least a manufacturer’s warranty of one year, going up to a lifetime for some manufacturers and pieces of equipment.
  • More reliability: You can trust that a new piece of equipment will work much more reliably than a used one in terms of its performance and in terms of avoiding sudden mysterious breakdowns and problems. That reliability and peace of mind is great to have as a restaurant owner—the less time you have to spend worrying about a piece of equipment that might break down at any time, the better. You need your equipment to be reliable so you can prepare all the food on your menu efficiently and effectively for your customers. Having a machine go down could wreak havoc on your customer service and could cause you to lose business.
  • More efficiency: Newer models are much more likely to be energy efficient than older models, for two reasons. One, the newer models will have newer parts that have not been worn down and are guaranteed to operate exactly as they should. And two, manufacturers these days are designing restaurant equipment to operate using much less energy, so you can save money in the long run on your utility bills.
  • Healthier equipment: Restaurant equipment is constantly evolving for functionality, energy efficiency and health. By purchasing new restaurant equipment, there’s a very good chance you’ll find it easier to maintain a cleaner, healthier environment and stay in compliance with all the health codes that apply to your restaurant.

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