Common Items Made from Polycarbonate Plastic Sheets

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Polycarbonate plastic sheets are another raw material provided by D&D Plastics. Like acrylic and ABS, this is a flexible high-use material demanded by many industries across several sectors. Structural considerations, heavy equipment and material handling are just a few of the demands made on polycarbonate. Here are items you frequently encounter that are made from polycarbonate plastic sheets in Orem, UT:

  • Electronics: Your iPhone and laptop computer are just two items in our technology‑dependent society that benefit from polycarbonate. As the perfect thermal insulator, it manages the heat put off by devices well, making it a desirable material for parts and components in electronic and electric items. Electronic media also require polycarbonate. DVD, Blu-ray discs and optical storage like CD-ROM discs would not exist without this material.
  • Automotive parts: As efficiency becomes a priority in automotive development, durable and lightweight materials are prized. Polycarbonate plays a strong role in this race to produce fast and efficient cars with improved handling. Windows, door handles, headlight bezels and radiator grills become more durable with polycarbonate but also lighter. Even these small changes reduce the weight of a car enough to enhance fuel efficiency and ease of handling. It is in many ways the ideal automotive material as it helps this industry evolve.
  • Greenhouses: You need to UV treat your polycarbonate first, but once you take that step, you can produce a high-quality greenhouse. Using layers of sheets, you can create greenhouses that are designed to distribute heat or allow for optimal light filtration. Any industry that creates custom greenhouses for consumer or agricultural purposes likely already learned the advantages of polycarbonate. On the same principle, polycarbonate is also desirable when building sunrooms.
  • Bus shelters: Any item that demands durability and light filtration benefits from polycarbonate. Greenhouses are one example, but another one works with the urban landscape. Bus shelters must shield transit users from rain, summer sun and snow, and should also stand up to vandalism and heavy traffic. Some bus shelters contain glazing to control heat in the summer and offer a buffer zone between transit users and the rest of the world.
  • Outdoor signs: Polycarbonate makes durable outdoor signs. It creates conventional signs that are known for light deflection and holding bright colors. For LED signs, it reflects the light back perfectly and makes a long-lasting backdrop. Polycarbonate is impact‑resistant, so being jostled during shipping and getting vandalized are not match for it. Any damage is barely noticeable or easy to repair. In fact, polycarbonate is a preferred material for businesses located in areas with a high rate of graffiti and vandalism.
  • Playground equipment: Once made of wood, playground equipment now benefits from the safety and strength of polycarbonate. It does not splinter, rot, swell or succumb to insect damage, which makes it the primary playground material of the modern age. Since it is offered in bright colors, it also provides cheer as well as durability.

If you are looking for polycarbonate plastic sheets in Orem, UT and the surrounding areas, call D&D Plastics today.

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