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Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Thermoforming

April 28, 2017 2:22 pm Published by

Plastic thermoforming makes precise shapes possible for manufacturing businesses. It requires specialized equipment and skill, especially if your components must meet exact specifications. At D&D Plastics, we offer plastic thermoforming in UT for many industries. Here are the frequently asked questions that arise about this process. What is plastic thermoforming? Plastic thermoforming creates complex shapes with different types of plastics. It works by heating a plastic sheet until it is pliable and forming it to a specific shape, usually in a mold. Once the formation is complete, a technician trims the edges to create a useful product. The simplified version of thermoforming is vacuum forming, where the final step involves sealing the material into the mold through a vacuum. Both... View Article

Techniques for Successful Manufacturing Using Plastic Welding

April 14, 2017 2:21 pm Published by

Attaching plastic components often feels like an exercise in futility. There are few glue products that bind plastic, and even if you find one that works, it is unlikely to be permanent. Plastic welding in UT is the best alternative to glue, whether you run a manufacturing outfit or perform crafts at home. Here are nine welding techniques that work great for plastic: Hot gas welding: The primary tool for this technique is a welding gun using electric or gas-heated chambers. Operators may add nitrogen cartridges, or the guns take dry air from the environment. The heated gas focuses on the joint to be welded and binds to a part made from the same materials. Spin welding: Used for attaching... View Article

Six Advantages of Polycarbonate Sheets for Greenhouses

March 30, 2017 7:21 pm Published by

In the past, backyard and agricultural greenhouses were considered to be of high quality only if they were made of glass. Use the right type of glass and the structure could last a long time, right? Plastic, on the other hand, was less highly thought of. Hard plastic sheets, flexible plastic coverings and even plastic components seemed to have had been tossed into the junk category. But, in recent years, using polycarbonate sheets has become increasingly popular, and for good reasons. Polycarbonate has gotten so popular among both agricultural farmers and home gardeners that it may soon overtake glass as the reigning greenhouse material. Here are six advantages of using polycarbonate sheets in Orem, UT for greenhouses: Better insulation: Greenhouses... View Article

Ask a Plastic Product Fabricating Company : What’s the Best Plastic Fabrication Material for My Specific Application?

March 16, 2017 7:21 pm Published by

In the world of manufacturing, to “fabricate” means to create or manufacture something from appropriate materials. So, in regards to plastic fabrication, this is a term used to describe the process in which plastic products are created from processes such as machining, thermoforming, molding, stamping, extrusion and others. Plastic has various uses in our lives—like home improvement, marine and auto parts and safety equipment—and it’s especially important to the manufacturing industry. “Plastic” is a general term, which is why it’s important for you to learn about the types of plastic materials that can be used, and for what applications. Whether you need a thin, thick, textured or smooth material, you have many choices, and to make things easier, there are... View Article

Five Everyday Items a Plastic Fabrication Company Can Make

February 28, 2017 11:28 pm Published by

As consumers of all sorts of products, pondering over the manufacturing process of the things we use on a daily basis is not something at the forefront of our thoughts. But every once in awhile we look at an object—like a plastic soda bottle or anything that was obviously molded to its shape—and want to know how it came to be. While the methods used in plastic fabrication are important to businesses that offer mass produced goods, it’s the types of products produced that most of us find fascinating—and often surprising. Take a look at the things around you right now. How many are made of plastic? Here are five everyday items made through injection molding at a professional plastic... View Article